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SandFest 2001 Port Aransas, Texas
Our Texas Fun in
Port Aransas
Fun in Corpus Christi 2001
Winter in Arizona 2002
Walnut Grove, CA Summer 2003
Mardi Gras at Desert Gold
Fall 2003 Rio Vista,CA
June 2005-Shoshone,WY Antique Tractor & Engine Show
Geocaching in WY, 2005
Our riverboat wedding!
April 4, 2005
Christmas 2008 ATV Parade
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Antique Tractor and Engine Show
June 2005, Shoshone, Wyoming
This was a fun day - rain began when antique tractor pull began.

Pedal Tractor Pull
for Children only


John Deere SeeSaw

Antique Tractor Pull

Flywheelers Antique Tractor Pull Slide
John Deere A gets to pull weight
Lawn Dog Racing
Bring your standard or hopped up lawn mower to the races!

checking out mowers

Proof Spence was there!

8 hp or less mowers

Kids race

Two brothers & one other boy

2 John Deeres & 1 Farmland?

Souped up race

Souped up 8 hp

Cool sliders/ two wheels up

8 hp race

over 8 hp souped up

B'day boy won race on left
Massey Ferguson

75 yr. old on left Bday
over 8 hp regular mowers

Over 8 hp and over souped
Men in yellow helmets
father & son rivalry

one machine ran up on the other in the corner

Souped up lawn mowers

Great racers

Go men

Father Son is battle for
first place in LawnDog Race