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SandFest 2001 Port Aransas, Texas
Our Texas Fun in
Port Aransas
Fun in Corpus Christi 2001
Winter in Arizona 2002
Walnut Grove, CA Summer 2003
Mardi Gras at Desert Gold
Fall 2003 Rio Vista,CA
June 2005-Shoshone,WY Antique Tractor & Engine Show
Geocaching in WY, 2005
Our riverboat wedding!
April 4, 2005
Christmas 2008 ATV Parade
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Camp Hosts/Front Desk Supervisor/General Maintenance
Adrienne Frasher And Spence Frasher

We are not available for employment.
Thank you for looking at these resumes.
As the campground managers and hosts, we were responsible for overseeing the overall campground facility for the benefit of park visitors. Adrienne's responsibilities were to welcome and register guests to the campsites as closely suited to their needs as possible. Spence's responsibilities were to escort visitors to sites, and general campground maintenance (repair and fix anything that was broken as well as maintain the pool, spa, etc.). General Maintenance Person: Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Equipment Operator, Telephone work, Video Game Repair, Pool and Spa Maintainer.
RESPONSIBILITIES at Campgrounds have included the following:
As the campground manager and guest services rep, I was responsible for overseeing the overall campground facility for the benefit of park visitors. The primary responsibility was to welcome and register guests to the campsites as closely suited to their needs as possible. I worked at an Arizona resort with ROS 2000 campground reservation program and programming for another sister resort as well as analyzing the program to perform more tasks for the owners.
Responsibilities included:
1. Completing the registration process efficiently with minimum delay to the guest. Do have ability to use a computer reservation system.
2. Provided professional and courteous service to park visitors.
3. Appropriate assignment of the sites to campers.
4. Resolved any site discrepancies.
5. Acquainted the guest with the campground, basic rules, and services in the area.
6. Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly reports as required.
7. Maintained daily communication shift logs.
8. Operated computer and/or cash register and provided accurate accounting.
9. Maintained a proper bank, provided accurate handling of monies, and prepared accurate remits.
10. Custodial duties and/or grounds keeping duties when necessary.
11. Maintained good working relationship with the personnel.
12. Other duties as assigned.
13. Maximized guest service and Company profits.
14. Assisted in training and scheduling Campground personnel in the areas of registration, grounds keeping and custodial duties.
15. Motivated and provided feedback to all Campground personnel, as needed.
16. Understood and assured Company policies and procedures were being followed.
17. Oversaw daily preparation" of cashier reports, did daily proof, made up deposits and took them to banking institution.
18. Oversaw the collection reports and security of monies from registration fees.
19. Maintained an accurate guest registration system both manual and computerized when that system was available.
20. Ordered and maintained adequate operating supplies.
21. Assured timely repair of campground facilities.
22. Assured a safe environment for employees and guests.
23. Provided professional, courteous and quality service to park visitors

As activity sales agent
, was responsible for supplying guests with accurate information about our services and facilities as well as effective use of sales skills to aid in the sale of those services.
As front desk management, I was authority to recommend changes to improve the operation of the Front Office as it operated.
1. To perform all job duties toward the goal of maximizing guest service while simultaneously maximizing corporate profit.
2. To make certain each clerk was properly trained to deliver efficient, effective service to park visitors.
3. To maintain high standards of each clerk's work performance through continual monitoring and the issuing of mid-season and final evaluations.
4. To enforce adherence of employees to the dress, appearance and conduct codes established by the campground.
5. To regulate shift coverage for optimum effectiveness by scheduling full staffing at busy times and eliminating overstaffing at slow times. 6. To control payroll in relation to occupancy rates and number of arrivals.
7. To make sure all employees completed their payroll forms and submitted them to payroll.
8. To resolve guest relation problems skillfully with a willingness and desire to understand a guest's viewpoint while keeping within Company policies.
9. To organize and maintain Front Office records and equipment in accord with campground policies and to control the inventory of Front Office supplies and forms.
10. To provide managers on location with a weekly occupancy forecast to enable them to plan staffing and supply needs for the following week.
11. To become familiar with and train emergency fire evacuation and safety procedures as needed.
12. To handle the lodging of all group tours at locations.
13. To administer employee incentive programs and motivate staff as necessary.
14. To work with the Housekeeper on all
Housekeeping/Front Office matters, the Group Tour Office on all tour-related matters, the Reservation Office on all Reservation/Front Office matters.
15. To oversee handling of guest mail in accord with campground policy.
16. To provide constructive feedback to staff and prepare employee evaluations and documentation.
17. To maintain communication channels within the desk staff and related departments.
18. To perform other duties as assigned.
19.Ability to learn technical aspects of the registration process, including computer operation.
20.Own a self contained RV for housing on site.
1. Handle incoming telephone calls for lodging, activity and campground reservations, entering new reservations, changes and cancellations onto the computer.
2. File guest correspondence or other reservation documentation.
3. Perform other non-specified duties, including stuffing mail envelopes and maintaining an orderly work area.
Retail Sales
1. Through proper direction, control, coordination and delegation, put into effect the ordering, receiving, display and sale of gift shop merchandise.
2. Displayed merchandise in a neat and orderly manner and outlined on the floor plan.
3. Ordered, received and displayed merchandise from distributors; keeping accurate records of ordering, receiving and inventories.
4. Received direct deliveries from suppliers and processed the necessary documentation, such as invoices.
5. Scheduled, supervised and disciplined gift shop personnel; coordinated counter and registered work of the Sales Persons, maintaining shop sales and displays.
Front Desk & Reservation Work
1. Quick learner of any park reservation system whether manual or computerized (10yrs plus experience).
2. Work on ROS 2000 Reservation Program
3. Ability to deal with guests when they are angry or upset.
4. Ability to work quickly and thoroughly when under pressure.

Retail Work
1. Perform all duties of a Sales Person and able to assist staff in learning their required duties correctly.
2. Able to induce cooperation among different age groups existing in the Gift Retail Department and cooperate with other departments worked with teenagers at Woodland Park, Colorado.
3. Have a basic knowledge and understanding of souvenirs, gifts, jewelry and other RV products suitable for sale within a campground park.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS,MANAGMENT SKILLS: Worked at a 135-site campground for a full season, currently working part-time at 550 RV resort in front office, 12 years front desk and reservation experience, ran a bed and breakfast operation in Hawaii for 10 years with all forms of management in that industry.
Computer experience with Windows 95 & 98, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Adobe Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, Jasc Animation Shop, Quicken, Quick Books, web design and marketing, Eudora Pro Mail, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Netscape Composer, MSOffice (Word, Excel, etc.) Microsoft Publishing programs, over 15 years experience with computers in designing, marketing, and bookkeeping. Advertising layout and design work, 11 years in the banking industry from teller to assistant manager.

Manager at campground in Woodland Park, CO in charge of all aspects of reservations, sales, hospitality, sales clerk in gift shop, supervise campground crews, campground map builder, a web designer and internet marketer, computer input casino person, former owner of archery shop in charge of office, teaching, management, and ordering, owner/operator of bed and breakfast in Hawaii in charge of all aspects of marketing, advertising, sales, cooking, hospitality, serving, etc., sales clerk in gift shop, advertising sales, layout, photography and collections, 11 years in banking industry from teller to assistant manager with as many as 20 people under my supervision. Craft and activities enjoy doing and teaching; needlepoint, cross stitch, Xmas ornament classes, quilting, painting, line dancing, bingo activities, card games, board games, computer classes, newsletter designer, campground map maker, country dancing, square dancing, sewing, and numerous other crafts and activities. As US Power Squadron commander's wife, I had to plan and organize numerous activities and dinners for the group.


Black Rock Cafe Feb 2002 to Mar.2002
Worked as waitress, server at very busy Black Rock Cafe. Helped out during busy season for owners of the Black Rock Resort, Arizona.
RV Resort Front Desk Reservations Service and Sales Grapevine 7 Resorts Nov 15,2001 to Jan. 2002
Worked the front desk for reservations (talking to clients on the phone, internet and in person), reservations were paper controlled and computer.
Campground Assistant Manager/Front Desk Registration/Sales /Marketing/ End of Season Manager Campground at Woodland Park, Woodland Park, CO May 17, 2001 to Nov 1,2001 Worked the front desk for reservations (talking to clients on the phone, internet and in person), reservations were paper controlled, showed the cabins to guests, sent out information packages, review map for the campground and printing (separate service provided for campground), checking the board for outgoing sites and listing a checklist for the maintenance crew, etc., grocery store sales, stocking, pricing and purchasing, game room supervision, booking reservations for horseback riding, water rafting, train trips, sales in the gift shop, cleaning of the front office, checking the bathrooms and doing spot cleanings between the times that the regular cleaning crews would be doing the bathrooms, making sure we had all the supplies necessary for bathroom cleaning and maintenance. Did some bookkeeping and bank deposit making. Supervised the cleaning crew, kept a check on the swimming pool, which was open to the public from 12:00 to 3:00 daily, and general watching over the campground answering questions from the clients at the campground and being available for the office and the campers. Would fill in when additional help was needed at the office if busy or if the worker did not show up on time for work. We would walk the campground during the evenings to check on sites and clients, as well as checking for bears. Made classified ads for the internet to promote the campground. As campground is closing this year permanently, I have run several yard sales to sell off the items in the campground for the owners. We ran the office from our camper once the office had been removed.
Web Designer, Internet Marketer and Campground Map Builders Columbine-Rosebud Enterprises April 1998 - Present Design and marketing of web sites, handle email and problem solving, talking to clients about their needs on a site and being the creative part of the partnership. Design campground maps for the campgrounds and secure advertisers for the campground map to provide a free campground map for the campground.
Premier Club Computer Person Double Eagle Casino and Hotel Oct-99 to Dec-99 Input data into computers and talked with clients about services provided at casino.
Part owner in archery shop Cherokee Archery, Inc. Mar-99 to Sept-99 Handled bookkeeping, marketing, web design, sales, teaching student and adult classes.
Bed and breakfast operator and owner
Ran bed and breakfastin Hawaii as manager, and web designer, internet marketer, and email services for 4 other bed and breakfasts in Hawaii, and snorkeling and scuba operations

1. Provide carpentry skills necessary for maintaining facilities.
2. Provide electrician skills necessary for maintaining and repairing new and/or existing electrical systems.
3. Provide timely and professional manpower assistance and backup to facilitate opening/closing and operation of assigned location.
4. Prepare surfaces to be painted, stained, varnished, etc using correct materials required for the job completion.
5. Provide plumbing skills necessary for maintaining facilities.
6. Maintain the park in good working order. 7. Check in with office management for problems reported by residents and campers.
1. Perform lifting, shoveling, clean-up work, painting and assist in general maintenance work.
2. Perform basic repair and maintenance of assigned equipment.
3. Operation/use of pick-up, snowblower, power tools, shovels, rakes and other maintenance tools.
4. Ability to learn to operate machinery. Former vehicle instructor in USAF. Carpentry
1. Construct, remodel and repair wooden structures, buildings and their furnishings.
2. Familiar with the various grades and types of wood, building materials and their proper use.
3. Able to work from sketches.
4. Skilled in use of tools common to the trade.
5. Capable of lifting objects weighing up to 70 pounds.
6. Able to read, understand and comply with all current Company policies and procedures.
7. Possess physical stamina and condition to withstand heavy labor related work in an outside environment.
8. Possess a valid driver's license.
1. Basic electrical circuit principle knowledge.
2. Skilled in use of tools/materials common to the trade.
3. Installed phone lines for campers' sites. Painter
1. Collect materials, equipment and paint for designated surfaces.
2. Able to work from ladders and scaffolding.
3. Skilled in use of tools common to the trade.
Heavy Equipment
1. Skilled in operation and maintenance of some heavy equipment and large trucks as assigned.
2. Able to work in a professional and timely manner with minimum supervision to complete assigned tasks.
3. Knowledge of basic tradesman skills. Plumbing
1. Install, maintain and repair water lines, drainage lines, sewer lines, plumbing rough in and sets plumbing fixtures.
2. Able to do soldering and acetylene welding.
3. Knowledge of plumbing.
4. Skilled in use of tools common to the trade.
Assistant Camp Host/Maintenance Grapevine 7, Inc., Quartzsite, Arizona
Nov, 2001 - Mar, 2002

Assist camp hosts and do campground maintenance. Escort campers to their sites, assist hosts, work on maintaining the camp in good working order, pickup and filling of propane bottles.
Campground Assistant Manager/Front Desk Registration/Maintenance /End of Season Manager, Campground at Woodland Park, Woodland Park, CO
May 2001-Nov.1 2001

Perform maintenance in all aspects of a 135-site campground, helped in front office. Repair water leaks both above and below ground level, unplug sewer lines, repair sewer lines, check and repair electrical outlets, reset circuit breakers, repaired several video games in the game room, install phone lines, pick up trash in 5 trash can locations, perform maintenance on a 4-wheel ATV, towed and assisted setup of 4 trailers when they were required to move and didn't have the means to do so, clean, maintain, and repair the swimming pool, repair swings and other playground equipment, grade roads after rain washouts, repair valves and other fixtures in the bathrooms, repair hoses and extension cords, dig trenches for rain control around campers. Maintain the mini golf course. Teach campers how to light pilots, hook up and empty their holding tanks, explain how the water system works, explain the different holding tanks, explain the electrical systems in their campers. Supervised two teenage maintenance workers. After permanently losing power to a "bathroom trailer", I figured out how to get the water heater working. Chased a bear out of the campground several times.
Web Developer
Columbine-Rosebud Enterprises, Colorado Springs, CO April 1998-Present
Develop, and maintain web sites for small businesses. Heavy in HTML and DHTML programming. Use Dreamweaver and Home Site. Create and modify graphics using Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro.
Web Developer
Contracted to Lockheed-Martin, Colorado Springs, CO Dec 1999-June 2000
Developed interactive web pages for the use of military training lessons. Learned Dreamweaver in about 1 week to the point of tutoring coworkers. Also learned Paint Shop Pro and Homesite the following week. Hand-code HTML when Dreamweaver can't handle something.
Slot Attendant
Double Eagle Casino, Cripple Creek, CO Sept 1999-Dec 1999

Pay out hand-pay jackpots to customers, fill slot machines with coins. Perform minor maintenance and repair on slot machines. Make change for customers during slow time.
Web Master
Neuron Entertainment, Inc., Security, CO May 1998-Sept 1999

Design and maintain web site for Neuron Entertainment, Inc. Also design and maintain web sites for other clients as a side business.
Field Engineer
AlliedSignal Corporation, Colorado Springs, CO Oct 1997-May 1998

Receive information about equipment failures via phone, fax, and in person, and enter the data into an MS Access database. Orchestrate maintenance actions. Design queries in MS Access. Design and maintain web sites.
Software Installer
Alternative Resources Corporation, Denver, CO June 1997-Sept 1997

Install MS Exchange software on client computers. Contracted to IBM to perform work for Lucent Technologies. Travel to client site. Learned network setup for email. Worked mostly with Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.51 and 4.00.
Awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal 1997
Recognized in the 16th and 17th Annual Editions of The National Dean's List 1992-1994
Awarded the Colorado Merit Scholarship for outstanding schoolwork 1992-1994 Elected president of Data Processing Management Assoc. (DPMA) at PPCC 1993-1994
Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honor society for two-year colleges 1994
Awarded "NCO of the Quarter", U. S. Air Force Reserve 1994
Attended the induction of General Macintosh into the Order of the Sword, USAFR 1994
Awarded the USAFR Meritorious Service Medal 1993
Honor graduate of USAFR air cargo technical school 1989
My 1996 Sandpiper Spinnaker Fifth Wheel 36'.
Not available for employment at this time but will consider.

Contact me for further references.
Karen & Craig Stewart, owner of the Campground at Woodland Park, CO 719-599-5207 5419 Alta Lorna Rd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Bob Freedman, Grapevine 7 Resorts, Inc., Arizona
Bob Gerend at Black Rock RV Village, Salome, Arizona
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