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SandFest 2001 Port Aransas, Texas
Our Texas Fun in
Port Aransas
Fun in Corpus Christi 2001
Winter in Arizona 2002
Walnut Grove, CA Summer 2003
Mardi Gras at Desert Gold
Fall 2003 Rio Vista,CA
June 2005-Shoshone,WY Antique Tractor & Engine Show
Geocaching in WY, 2005
Our riverboat wedding!
April 4, 2005
Christmas 2008 ATV Parade
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Walnut Grove, California
New Home for Summer 2003
Snug Harbor Fun
Pictures load a bit slow but worth it.....
First Spot
This is the normal type of parking place for campers to enjoy
when they arrive at this small resort. We were here a short
time before we moved to a nice shady spot near the beach.
Not too bad a morning view... Just wish we had come with a small boat...
Just touching base with family on first morning....
For any of you who have not seen the new old motorhome
here it is..... we love it!
If we had brought a boat, it would be on our dock by our space....
$25 a night off- season --- $30 a night in season with dock space.......
Moved to south end of the park.
Love all the tree shade and park model next to us which blocks the wind.....
Eat your heart out Arizona.....
Had to put up the screen room for a work area and living room. Not enough room in rig with beading projects and keyboard set up.
And behind the blue tarp are our computers.... of course I found a couple of tiny web sites to do while we are here..
In a couple of months it will be warm and sunny working out here....
that will be nice!.
Spence and I will be very happy for the shade during the summer......
Maya loves the big window and the view of the sailboat in the cove in front of our rig.....
Where you see the white sign above the picnic table is our swimming beach... a bit cold now but I think in the summer it will be nice to have it that near.....
There was one draw back... This hive of bees were found in the middle of the resort... they were taken away by a beekeeper. She was very happy to get such a large hive of bees... I am very happy they have not come back...
I worked in the office and Spence outside for a short time period. Spence got a job at the local bait shop in town and is much happier.
We left Snug Harbor on October 15th, the end of the season.
Still in Rio Vista, living at a mobile home park on the Sacramento River. Much Happier!!