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RVers Adventures
Our Texas Fun in
Port Aransas
Fun in Corpus Christi 2001
Winter in Arizona 2002
Walnut Grove, CA Summer 2003
Mardi Gras at Desert Gold
Fall 2003 Rio Vista,CA
June 2005-Shoshone,WY Antique Tractor & Engine Show
Geocaching in WY, 2005
Our riverboat wedding!
April 4, 2005
Christmas 2008 ATV Parade
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Arizona Fun
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Quartzsite and Brenda, Arizona
our second home base for winter of 2002
Desert Activities - Golf and RC Planes
Desert Golf Courses Located Around Quartzsite Area
Bring your 3, 5, or 6 Iron
Very Bright Ball and
A cone shaped tee
Watch out for the rocks.......

Just minutes from Main St & 95
near the center of Quartzsite.
Short ride on your ATV, quad,
bike or non- 4 wheel drive car

Desert golf cart!

Course near Desert Gold
Great golf but a bit frustrating when you hit a rock
and the ball flies back to you further than when it flew
forward! The course is flat and beautiful...even though
many rocks make it challenging.
We rode our bikes to this course. Major concentration
Radio Control Planes
Fly your plane at the air show at Quartzsite
Main Event
Vacationers training newcomers to the sport of
Radio Control Planes
Trainer planes make it easier for the novice to learn to fly.
Red, on left, an instructor from Midwest Products, teaches Spencer
how to fly like a pro.
Bert fuels up the trainer. Wendell's plane is all set to fly.
Spence learned a lot at the hand of Red from Midwest and actually soloed his own plane by the end of the season. We would come to the makeshift RC airport and learn to fly
from our fellow campers. Bring your planes
from home and enjoy the clear blue skies of Arizona.

Our friends Helene and Bob came to visit us at the Desert Gold Resort and we played some great golf at the mini course.
Nice concrete greens are much easier to play than desert golf with all the natural hazards like rocks, cactus,
and the washes and potholes.
There are 100s of things to do here in the desert...we have only just begun....more to come
Almost forgot...Helene and Bob also enjoyed a game of pool with Spencer and me
I sure don't play well but have a beautiful cue.
Spence's sister Robbie enjoyed water aerobics and I hope to be doing them
in 2003-2004 season.
Robbie on far right.........