Having American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers since we were children , my husband and I chose this breed when we married 10 years ago to be the family pet. Nine years ago we decided to go into the breeding aspect of this dog as we felt our backrounds in animal breeding programs ( I had grown up on a farm, raising and showing horses, cattle, dogs etc.) would allow us to be able to add to the positive aspects of this wonderful breed.

After 10 years
of owning possible prospects and researching lines for starting our kennels, we have finally found the line of American Staffordshire Terriers that we feel we can begin our kennels with. Our Amstaffs are out of Angieís American Staffordshires of Germany. We have preferance with German breeding as the hips of the parents must be checked and good before the litter may be registered. We also feel that the temperament is treated as the most important factor, along with conformation.

also own a beautiful APBT from Showtyme Kennels and raise both AKC and UKC. We have chosen to put our energy into finding the right dogs for our breeding program. We do plan to show in 2003 as we know it is an important aspect of breeding. We just donít feel it is the MOST important factor in raising a wonderfully tempered, beautiful terrier. Welcome to our home on the web, and please email us if you have any questions.
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